23 Carat Gold Price in Ayodhya Today – Ayodhya 23ct Gold Rate Today

23 Carat Gold Price in Ayodhya Today – Ayodhya 23ct Gold Rate Today

Looking For 23 Carat Gold Price in Ayodhya? Today’s 23ct Gold Rate in Ayodhya is available here. We, Aptreturns.com Provides you daily Ayodhya gold rate in 23 Carat for 1 gram, 4 Gram, 8 Gram, 10 Grams, 1 Tola and 1 KG. If you are from Ayodhya and going to buy 23 carat gold today or trade Gold bars in Ayodhya, our 23 carat Gold price will help you a lot.

Ayodhya 23 Carat Gold Rate Today

Weight23Kt Gold RateDate
1 GramRs. 6,989.0005-May-2024, AM
4 GramsRs. 27,956.0005-May-2024, AM
8 GramsRs. 55,912.0005-May-2024, AM
10 GramsRs. 69,890.0005-May-2024, AM
1 TolaRs. 81,518.3205-May-2024, AM
1 OunceRs. 217,382.2005-May-2024, AM
1 KGRs. 6,989,000.0005-May-2024, AM


How did 23 Carat Gold Price decide in Ayodhya?

The Gold price of 23 carats is decided by the International Gold price. Yes, Ayodhya local jewellers do not decide on the Gold price of 23 carats. That is the reason, we have daily fluctuation in Gold prices in Ayodhya.

How Pure is 23 Carat Gold in Ayodhya?

The 23 carat gold which is available in Ayodhya is 95.83% pure (23/24 * 100). 23 Carat gold is mostly used in Gold bars for trading across countries/states.

What is Today's 23 Carat Gold Price in Ayodhya?

Today’s 23 Carat Gold Price in Ayodhya for 1 Gram is Rs. 6,989.00 and for 1 Tola is Rs. 81,518.32.

Note:- APTReturns.com Just mentions the basic Gold Price of 23 carats in Ayodhya. At this price, the jewellers will add different kinds of Taxes like GST (Goods and Service Tax), TCS (Tax Calculated at Source) and other charges that can be levied. To know the Exact Price of 23 Carat Gold, you can visit the nearest jewellery shop in Ayodhya.

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