LIC Arogya Rakshak (Plan 906) Eligibility Criteria, Age limit, Benefits?

LIC Arogya Rakshak (Plan 906) Eligibility Criteria, Age limit, Benefits?

Are you looking for a trusted health insurance plan? Here are details of the LIC Arogya rakshak individual health insurance plan. On 19th July 2021, LIC India has launched a new individual health insurance plan which provides you risk cover against specified health risks (diseases) and medical emergencies. Life Insurance Corporation says this health insurance will help the individual and family to be financially independent in tough times.

Key details of LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan

Below are some of the essential details about the LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan.

LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan

As per the press release of LIC, any individual who can avail of the benefits of LIC health insurance will be given the benefit of choosing limits and have flexible payment options as well.

Below are the eligibility criteria of LIC Health Insurance and other details of this plan, do check out.

Eligibility Criteria of LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan

As per LIC, Any individual avail benefit under Arogya rakshak policy, his/her partner, children parents under one policy. So, you can now buy one health insurance for the entire family and cover every individual in the family under this health insurance. 

Age limit

As per official words from LIC, any individual from 18 years to 65 years of age can buy this health insurance. 

And children aged 91 days to 20 years can be covered under this health insurance. 

Cover Period

Under This health insurance plan, the cover period offered by LIC is 80 years for adults and 25 years for children.

Policy Type:- Non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan.

Coverage Type:- Individual or family floater. 

Rider Benefits:- New term assurance rider/ Accidental benefit rider.

Key Benefits LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan 

Below are some of the benefits individuals will be able to avail themselves of under this health insurance plan. 

  • LIC under this health insurance plan offers a flexible benefit limit for applicants.
  • This health insurance offers coverage for specifically listed diseases. 
  • This policy provides coverage on both family and individual policies.
  • You will get flexible payment options under this health insurance plan.
  • A pre-defined lump sum fixed amount needs to be paid at the time of claim irrespective of the actual cost.
  • This policy provides financial protection from hospitalization charges and surgery as well.
  • Individuals can claim a premium waiver benefit of one year in case any insured undergoes any surgery falling in category one or category 2. 
  • In case of the unfortunate death of any insured, you can claim the premium waiver for one year.

What is NOT covered in LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan?

Below are some of the things, which are not included in LIC health insurance. Do read. 

  • Under this policy, Any Injury due to war, military operation, naval or participation in a riot.
  • Any illegal activities and criminal activities not covered.
  • Attempted suicide.
  • Abuse of drugs, alcohol, and intoxicants. 
  • Loss due to Natural calamities (earthquake or flood etc.) not covered. 
  • HIV/AIDS treatments are not covered. 
  • Dental treatments not covered.
  • Plastic surgery (unless necessary in accidental treatment) is not covered. 
  • Infertility or sterilization not covered.
  • Any Injury during participation in dangerous sports like racing, scuba, skydiving, or bungee jumping is not covered.

What is Covered under LIC Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Plan?

  • Hospitalization – Surgery Cover – Under this health insurance plan, a lump sum amount for expenses coasted to the insured will be paid for all hospitalization and surgery. 
  • Premium Waiver Benefit – as mentioned above, the insured can avail of premium waiver benefit in case of co-insured death or surgery in the insurance year. 
  • Ambulance cover – This health insurance covers ambulance expenses coasted to insured during hospitalization.
  • Auto Sum-up Benefit – An Insurance holder will get the option to avail auto sum-up benefit and no claim benefit (in next premium payment).
  • Rider Benefits – You can pay an extra premium and get rider benefits for the accidental benefit and the new assurance rider program of LIC.
  • Tax saving benefits – As with other health insurance, you can claim tax benefits under Section 80D for your premium amount.

FAQs for LIC Arogya Rakshak

Is Corona Covered under This health insurance plan?

Yes, All diseases are covered. For more information, read what is included and what is not in the above section.

Who can buy this policy?

Any individual aged between 18 to 65 years can buy this policy.

What is the minimum entry age under LIC Arogya rakshak policy?

Insurance will give to children above 91 days of age and 18 years for adults.

Does this policy cover Ambulance expenses?

Yes, LIC Arogya rakshak policy will cover all expenses of the ambulance.

Are surgery and hospitalization expenses are paid under this policy?

Yes, LIC has mentioned that all surgery expenses will be covered.

So, this was our review for LIC Arogya Rakshak Individual Health Insurance Plan. It looks like great health insurance; in pandemic times, it’s important to have health insurance from such a good brand that gives quick claim benefits.

Overall, LIC Health insurance looks good. You can use the LIC Arogya Rakshak calculator to calculate the premium amount for your family and the cover you get.

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